Proactive Pain Solutions  Parents Academy

A guide for parents to Effectively Manage Their Child's Pain

Learn expert skills and proven strategies to manage your child's pain like a pro!


Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons Are you the parent of a child with chronic and complex pain? With this unique academy you will learn to ease, relieve and manage your child’s pain through pertinent information, tried and tested tools and strategies. 

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons  Do you want to understand more about your child’s pain condition and care? The Proactive Pain Solutions Parents Academy gives parents a much better understanding of what your child is experiencing, as well as the skills to help relieve their pain.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons  Do you feel frustrated, hopeless, confused or angry watching your child suffering in pain? Watching your child suffer in pain and spiraling down, but not knowing how to help them will be a thing of the past as you learn how to understand, manage and relieve their pain with this academy.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons  Are you tired of being distrusted by the medical system? You will learn expert skills to effectively navigate the medical (and school) system like a pro so that your child's medical visits are most fruitful, they get the support they need for pain relief, can live a fully-functional life and continue to thrive despite pain.

 Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons Are you ready to turn your child’s challenges into opportunities, losses into major wins and problems into possibilities? The Proactiv Pain Solutions is your secret weapon to 


If you answered YES to any (or all) of these questions, then you'll love the 
Proactive Pain Solutions Parents Academy: A Guide for Parents to Effectively Manage Their Child's Pain


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There are no words to describe how grateful I felt when Dr. Anjana Kundu reached out to me with some suggestions to help my 3 year old daughter, Claire, in response to my post. Claire was miserable with pain crying all night. Living in a remote area with very limited access to medical care for children, we were desperate to find something to help our baby girl. Her doctor wanted to help but felt so puzzled as to how. For 10 months, I sat beside Claire, almost every night, watching her suffer, and it felt so slow and painful. I worried every day and night, how she would cope. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  

Dr. Kundu made some suggestions to help Claire, some things I could ask our GP and she even offered to speak with our GP. In ONE day, she has achieved more than 3 doctors in Australia had been able to do over the past 10 months. She had given us so much hope. I was contacted by the pain team at Sydney Children’s Hospital with an appointment for Claire within just weeks. I know for a fact, without her assistance, it would have been months if not years, before someone would put us through to the right people. Thanks to Dr Kundu, Claire was put on appropriate medication and other necessary help to manage her pain, which is gradually helping her.  

Dr Kundu has saved Claire so much suffering. Her care, help, phone calls, and emails literally changed my entire family’s lives (I’m getting teary!). I thank her from the bottom of my heart and for the rest of my life I will be grateful to her!  

Mom of a 3 year old with neuropathic pain

Whether your child just got a pain diagnosis or you’ve been on this journey a while, this academy will empower you, as a parent, by providing you with expert skills and proven strategies to manage your child’s pain like a boss and effectively navigate the medical and school systems like a pro so that your child can live a fully functional life and thrive despite pain.  

Caring for countless children with pain, for over 15 years, I’ve seen parents go to great lengths to ease their child’s pain, desperately grabbing at ANY straws that will help them in comforting their child and help them in returning to a thriving childhood! This, alongside focused training, research and an extensive experience in clinical management of complex and chronic pain, especially in children, has allowed me to develop a series of effective tools and strategies to help you manage your child’s pain. Now I’m sharing these tools and strategies with you!  

This academy is made up of 8 easy-to-digest modules designed specifically for busy parents of children with pain. With practical worksheets at each stage, you’ll also have access to a live Q&A sessions with me AND a private Facebook Group of other parents ready to support each other.

Although your child may have the same diagnosis as another child, but their pain experience is unique and their response to treatment may be completely different. That’s why I put this academy together to help parents learn and understand what drives the pain experience and treatment outcomes for your child. The Proactive Pain Solutions Parents Academy will help you to learn to identify your child’s unique physical traits, their intellectual and emotional attributes, and how these relate to their pain and its treatment in addition to the physical aspects of their pain.  

Often children and parents may have to wait a long time to get the right diagnosis, treatment or an appointment with the right specialist. The delay in diagnosis and appropriate treatment makes your child's pain much harder to treat and prolongs the suffering. Proactive Pain Solutions Parents Academy, gives parents the information, support and tools they need to access the support their child needs as soon as possible.

 Many parents feel like they have no other options available to them once their child is seeing a doctor/clinic for the treatment of their child's pain, but this academy is different. It’s designed to work ALONGSIDE your healthcare professionals, and the help you’ll receive here, is aimed to add to, and help you and your child get the most benefit from their treatment plan.  

This academy covers everything from learning how to make the most of your doctor’s visits and evaluating your child’s current medications, non-medications, treatments, to learning how to retrain the mind and nerves to minimize and eliminate pain, how to maximize the results of their treatment plans and the results you get.  


What If I told you that you could:

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg Support your child in productive ways - help them focus on what they CAN DO rather than their pain and what they can’t do 

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Understand your child’s pain and how to best care for it

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Maximize the treatment benefits of your child’s existing pain care plans

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Ease, relieve and manage your child’s pain

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Finally know exactly what to say or do when your child is hurting (without making them fall deeper into the “pain rabbit hole” or making them feel like you don’t understand)

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Get the needed support for your child to remain functional or become functional again, despite their pain. 

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Manage setbacks proactively

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Effectively navigate the medical and school systems like a pro, to your child's advantage

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Take back the power to allow your child to thrive and live a fully functional life despite pain


Wellness for Caregivers/Parents 

Your child’s pain not only affects them, it affects YOU as well. Fulfilling your role as parent, spouse, employee (and everything else you do!) in addition to caring for your child with pain, adds a whole new level of burden/responsibility. Sometimes there really aren’t enough hours in the day!  

I get it, I’ve seen it over and over how parents’ physical and emotional condition affects the course and treatment results of their child’s pain. So, with my commitment to you and your child’s success I have specially created this BONUS content for YOU with your wellness needs in mind.  

This module is packed with tips to recognize your own levels of physical, mental or emotional stress, how it affects your child’s care, your performance, how you show up in all areas of your life, and simple things you can do in your daily routine to maintain your own physical, mental and emotional well being. This is designed to help you remain in the best possible state (physically and mentally), such that you show in your full power, ready with your ninja mojo for meeting any challenges you're faced with, including your child’s pain care needs.  

And how you care for yourself, sets the tone for your child in how THEY will learn to prepare and face the challenges, obstacles and adversities in their life. So, I got you covered!!  




Thumbs Down Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD You’re looking for a quick fix or “magic pill”.  

Thumbs Down Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD You are actively ONLY looking for a diagnosis or cause, and you’re not interested in finding ways to manage the pain and its impact.  

Thumbs Down Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD You’re not ready to take action. 

Thumbs Down Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD You feel that ONLY doctors/clinics have to, or need to, fix your child’s pain and you’re not willing or able to partner in your child’s pain care needs.

Thumbs Down Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD You’re not open to anything other than prescriptions, medicines and procedures.  

Thumbs Down Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD You’re looking for a doctor-patient relationship from this academy.



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We had been to 7 different Children's Hospitals across the country over 5 years before we got a diagnosis for my daughter and it was another year or two before she got the needed treatment plan to manage her chronic pain related to EDS. Having a discussion with Dr. Kundu was a real turning point in our lives when I could finally understand the nature of her pain, the sensory issues and how we could treat and manage them. With the proper plan in place, my daughter went from being in bed for days with headache or stomach pain, short of breath, missing school, and afraid to ride her bike because she was going to pass out to becoming fully functional again with a much better quality of life. It was the first time that someone had explained to me as a parent, in simple terms, and helped me understand the nature of my daughter's pain, and what could be done to manage it effectively. That gave me the strength and courage to push on and give her the needed help for her pain management. Dr. Kundu has a beautiful holistic approach to children's pain management. She's the perfect person to be doing this so that many more families can benefit from her care. I know we have!  

Mom of a 12 year old with EDS and chronic pain


Hi, I’m Dr. Anjana Kundu MD, ABIHM, Harvard trained, board certified Pediatric Pain, Integrative Medicine (or Holistic), Palliative Care doctor, and an anesthesiologist.  

With an extensive experience, specialized training and expertise in management of children’s chronic and complex pain (including pain associated with complex, and rare diseases), I have successfully lead these children (and their families) to return to a happy & functional life. I use a very holistic and balanced approach to pain relief that may include medications or appropriate interventional procedures, and lifestyle interventions (nutrition, activity, exercise, yoga, family and social dynamics, mind-body medicine, acupuncture, herbs and dietary supplements to name few!).  

I am a passionate clinician, accomplished academician (Professor), educator and administrator, a founding member and President of the Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine (SPPM). I'm credited with building, growing and leading successful pediatric academy in the US, invited speaker nationally and internationally, and volunteer my services in impoverished countries annually. To address a glaring lack of professional training, resources, and to meet the needs of children’s pain care, I founded Proactive Pain Solutions, a company that offers education, training and consultation in pediatric pain care to healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions and the patients and families.  

I have effectively partnered with regulatory and governmental agencies to advance healthcare safety and efficacy in children’s pain management and palliative care therapies.  


Frequently Asked Questions

This academy lasts for 8 weeks from the date of enrollment, but you will have access to the core materials for the life span of the academy.  .

The academy is presented in a unique combination of weekly live/virtual lectures, recordings and worksheets, PLUS live Q&As with me over the 8 week period.  

I hear you! Caring for a child with chronic pain can be overwhelming and time-consuming, even on the good days. But I designed this academy with you in mind! The 8 modules are easy to digest with worksheets and tasks to help you make the most of each stage that is designed to provide your child and you respite. This should actually FREE UP your time,(& energy) to do things that you enjoy and cherish. You’ll also have the added support of the exclusive Facebook group! (and not to mention the Q&A sessions with me!)


I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 3 weeks of purchase. You will be eligible for a refund if you submit the completed assignments AND you have not yet had your 1-on-1 consultation with me.  

I wish, I could! But, unfortunately, the insurance companies do not consider this (education model) eligible for payments to me at this time. But who knows what possibilities the future holds! However, you can check with your insurance compny or the Flexible Spending Account if it can be reimbursed to you.  

Please send me an email! I am a real person and believe that you should have all of the information you want and need before making a decision to purchase this program. Simply get in touch with us at [email protected] and I’ll personally get back to you as soon as I can. 


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 In one of the darkest moments of our son’s medical journey, when we felt like all our options - and most of our hope - were exhausted, Dr. Kundu became our light. She listened to our concerns that our son was too medicated, spending too much time on his cold therapy machines, and deteriorating too quickly, and supported us when we decided we needed to try something radically different. With her blessing and careful guidance, our son weaned off all his medications, and began a process of slowly re-acclimatizing to a normal environment, without the help of machines— a step we’d have been hesitant to take without Dr. Kundu on our side, offering constant encouragement. That was the turning point in Cole’s life, and in ours.   

Mom & Dad of 5 year old with Erythromelalgia and severe pain

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