ELEVATE your pediatric pain care expertise on your terms.

Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy 

Convenient, comprehensive yet practical, evidence-based virtual training program paired with mentorship and coaching designed to specifically empower busy physicians in becoming skilled, confident and versatile clinicians when caring for children with simple or complex pain issues, while keeping them productive in their current roles.
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Upon completion of our Physicians Academy you can expertly:

Above and Beyond ………


Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy goes beyond just giving you the expertise at your fingertips. 
We provide COACHING AND MENTORSHIP to help you turn your goals into reality with confidence, and enthusiasm.  
All this while you maintain;
FULL independent practice, FULL earnings, enjoying the professional satisfaction and job security you deserve! 

What other physicians say.......

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Dr. Anjana Kundu is a one of a kind physician, and training with her as a physician or parent is an experience in learning not to be missed."  

Her mentorship through the Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy helps guide physicians to have a more robust and satisfying impact on patient care with improved outcomes.


Dhanu Sant, MD

ThriveWell Pediatrics

What is included in the Physicians Academy…


 Online self study modules

 Interactive coaching calls 

 Q&A, Case discussions

  In person/virtual, weekend training

  Clinician to Clinician Consultation

  Supportive Private Community

  Resource Library replete with templates, policies, guidelines and more

  Checklists, worksheets to aid learning within modules and practical clinical application

  Mentorship, and coaching for clinicians as they advance through the program

  Coaching to encourage progress, address any blocks and provide support


To put it simply……..

Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy changes lives of clinicians and patients/families.  

Enrollment is open for a limited time only!

Not sure if the Physicians Academy is right for YOU?

IF you are a................... 

Pediatrician, Pediatric Subspecialist, or ANY Physician encountering children with pain issues 


Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons  You're looking to ELEVATE your pediatric pain care skills WITHOUT leaving your current practice or role.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons You don't have time to pursue another training program.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons Looking for skills to provide basic or advanced pain management for your patients.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons You're looking to expand your toolkit beyond medication management, and include integrative, comprehensive pain management strategies to your skill set.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons You're feeling challenged or frustrated by complex pediatric pain issues or by the lack of progress of your pain patients.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons You seek more efficiency in the care of patients presenting with pain issues to the ER, clinic or inpatient units. 

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons You wish someone could coach, guide and mentor you through implementation of pain management skills, programatic or professional issues.

Blue ok icon - Free blue check mark icons You desire a community of  supportive, like minded individuals navigating similar challenges.


THEN...... Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy is the most practical, convenient and cost-efficient solution to your challenges! 


Worried about the time investment?

It's Easy Peasy! 

You set your own pace, yet you can start implementing what you learn, right away as you go through each of the modules. The entire curriculum can be completed in as little as 12 weeks, with only a couple of hours' work needed per week.  The personal support through coaching and mentorship is available to you for 6 months, course materials, resource library and the community support forever!

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You'll be given access to one module per week

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm because we understand your  busy your life!

Sample Curriculum

  • Understanding your role as a pediatric pain physician in today's healthcare landscape (patient’s, your institution and the global context of pediatric pain medicine as a specialty)
  • Understanding your strengths, personality and how to leverage them in  in clinical practice, professional performance and leadership
  • Essential qualities of a successful pediatric pain physician
  • Common misconceptions around pediatric pain
  • Biopsychosocial model of pain - Anatomy, neurobiology, psychology and physiology of pain transmission, modulation
  • Epidemiology, taxonomy and targets for pediatric pain management
  • Skillful History taking and physical examination in pediatric pain

  • What diagnostics are needed and making a pediatric pain diagnosis

  • Obtaining the most relevant history, setting expectations, pre and in clinic.
  • Communication with patients and families about diagnosis, treatment 
  • Communication with peers/colleagues, teams, referring providers, administrators
  • Difficult conversations, difficult patients, parents, colleagues - how to win over non-believers w/o compromising.
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain, myofascial pain syndromes, Fibromyalgia
  • Visceral pain
  • CRPS
  • Rheumatological pain (including addressing AMPS)
  • Cancer and other hematological pain (sickle cell, hemophilia)
  • Complex and rare pain disorders
  • Medications - Non Opioids
  • Opioids
  • Opioid antagonists/mixed agonists antagonists
  • Adjuvants
  • Newer targets and treatments
  • Interventional treatment options
  • PT/OT, Pain psychology
  • CAM therapies
  • Pain Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition and dietary considerations in pain management, supplements
  • Pain in setting of addiction
  • Identifying abuse/misuse, or diversion
  • Sleep
  • Mental health issues
  • Obesity
  • Safety, and quality (QI) in pediatric pain
  • Ethics - when patient refuses treatment, parent refuses, patient and parent have different goals etc.
  • Disclosing adverse events to patients/families
  • Empowering patients and families to become active partners in their pain care
  • Self care
  • Understanding and averting burnout
  • Building efficiency in your workflow
  • Leading a team and ensuring a high efficiency productive team
  • Habits of successful/happy pediatric pain physicians.

Meet the Founder

Anjana Kundu, MD, ABIHM, FAAP

Fellowship trained, board-certified pediatric anesthesia, pain, palliative care, and integrative medicine physician. 

Dr. Kundu is an expert educator, coach and a transformative leader with extensive clinical and administrative experience. Her innovative ideas and stewardship create qualified, skilled, and productive clinical teams that function with superior distinction. 

Dr. Kundu’s accomplishments include:

Accomplished academician as Professor of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine and Pediatrics

Excellent educator who developed pediatric pain medicine curricula for training a variety of healthcare professionals and trainees

Passionate clinician consistently voted amongst the “Top Doctors” 

Successful administrator who has built, grown, and led multiple successful pediatric programs 

Strong advocate for access to excellent pediatric pain care

Trained, coached, mentored and inspired many healthcare professionals, patients, and families to become empowered through education about children’s pain care

 Mentor & Coach in a national initiative to foster leadership skills for female physicians

Founding member and past president of the Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine (SPPM)


As the founder of Proactive Pain Solutions she’s passionate about improving Access, Quality, and Expertise in pediatric pain care.

Physician Academy investment

Investing in the Physicians Academy is an investment in secure future; your expertise, your personal and professional success and job security depend on it! The quality and longevity of your professional success rests upon the confidence, enthusiasm and satisfaction in your practice, which in turn determines the quality of pain care and satisfaction of your patients. Your expertise will also shape the future of younger generations of healthcare professionals who learn from you. Your commitment to yourself becomes the benchmark for both the care your patients receive today and the future of pain medicine and healthcare overall.

3+ Physicians


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Individual Physician


(Save $315 when paid in full)  

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 (6 Monthly Payments)  


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Common questions other physicians have asked before they joined the Physicians Academy

Self study - 3-4 hours/week (30 minutes early/late each day OR 2 hours/weekend day)

Coaching calls - 6-8 live calls, arranged to accommodate your schedules, and recordings are available. 

Community - No additional time. Most people spend time on social media in some capacity and this is your personal community support through connection with other colleagues sharing questions, ideas, challenges and successes, providing useful skills, articles and discussions. Your inbuilt, ever accessible community support!

This is a small investment of time for MASSIVE gains that will eventually help you SAVE time in your busy schedules you won't be spending researching answers to common pediatric pain challenges, or finding/creating guidelines or policies etc. 

You access the lessons & Resource Library at your convenience ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, in between patients or even during your commute. Alternatively, you can set aside a little time on the weekends before you jump into your day with your family. As stated earlier, it takes as little as 30 mins per day or ~ 2 hours/weekend day to get your online modules done.

This sure beats the time, money and resources needed for a year long training program at some other institution, losing your ability to earn a practicing physician salary, giving up/delaying independent practice. It's a small price for the gains you make as a confident, skilled and versatile physician with enhanced professional satisfaction and job security.

Yes you could, BUT the wait times to get an appointment with the limited number of pediatric experts could be months to years. They are your established patients, they will come to you and/or call you first and with expectations that you'll help them to some extent. How you handle their pain issues will determine their satisfaction and engagement. Moreover, if pain is not properly addressed early, it becomes refractory and harder to treat, may spread to multiple sites and results in persistent mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Your productivity, reimbursement, your reputation are tied to patient family satisfaction scores which are driven heavily by their pain care(or lack there of). Some institutions seek accreditation or ranking status based on the quality of care provided, again pain care forms a significant determinant there. Effective navigation of these core issues is part of this curriculum along with the skills  and knowledge you need to successfully assess and treat pediatric pain.

Yes. However, it depends on your institution. You will need to check with them if they allow use of your CME/educational/meeting funds for this purpose or have professional development funds they utilize to support your training. If they do, and wish to be billed directly, you can have them contact us at [email protected] 

Alternatively, we can provide you a receipt and supportive documentation about the Physicians Academy you may file for reimbursement from your institution.

Our CME application is in process and available for only the live weekend workshop hours. Every attempt will be made to ensure this is approved, however, we do not guarantee that unless the approval has been granted.

Technically there is no specific board certification in pediatric pain medicine, however there are two Boards that offer certifications in Pain Medicine; the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) and the American Board of Pain Medicine (ABPM). You may become eligible for the ABPM board certification, as long as you can also demonstrate a certain amount of clinical exposure to pain patients AND your department/division chief provides a letter of support to appear in the board exam. Just to be clear, today there are more board certified pain physicians through the ABPM than there are through the ABA, which only offers board eligibility to candidates who have completed an ACGME accredited pain fellowship training.

Yes, there's a dedicated module offering  at least 2 hours of  relevant opioid training. However, each state has different requirements and you should check with your state medical board to see their requirements and determine if this will offer you all the required hours or should you supplement this.

  1. As stated earlier, a traditional fellowship training program is 1 year long, requires you to often relocate, delay independent practice and physician salary,  accrue interest on your educational loans. Even if you chose to pursue the traditional fellowship training, there are only limited spots in a handful of ACGME accredited (2-3) and unaccredited pediatric pain training programs, so it can be challenging to get a spot. You will spend an additional year as a trainee without the ability to make independent decisions about your patient care, while the Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy allows you to get the necessary training WHILE you practice as an independent physician, earning a full salary and implementing your learnings in practice immediately, but with a safety net.  
  2. You may choose some of the online training modules, but these offer very limited, and only didactic knowledge. This can be a time consuming commitment without any mentorship, guidance or ongoing support through implementation, without any ability for course corrections. The curriculum for our Physicians Academy was designed with your practical needs in mind and therefore contains not only the didactic information, it also also includes modules addressing communication, "soft skills", leadership and efficiency, as well as modules focused on self care, resilience and prevention of burnout.To top that, there is ongoing support in form of interactive coaching calls, Q&A, case discussions and the private facebook community of other physicians.  Our Academy provides you with the foundations to help you evolve into your best, skilled, most confidant, self aware, compassionate, enthusiastic physician and leader.  
  3. There may also be weekend trainings that become available now and then, but they often tend to come with a steep price tag for what they offer, ranging from $3000-$10,000, require travel, and additional travel expenses (hotel, airfare, meals etc.). These tend to deliver intense, bulk content in a short time, which can be overwhelming. Not to mention the the lack of ongoing support and coaching, making the weekend course an expensive distant memory. There's no one to keep you accountable, motivated and encouraged in your journey to become a more accomplished pediatric pain physician.
  4. Our Physicians Academy is also unique because the curriculum is multidisciplinary, includes practical education about multidisciplinary and integrative approaches to pediatric pain spanning from simple life-style interventions, non-pharmacological techniques like mind-body medicine therapies, acupuncture, yoga, massage, nutrition, herbs and supplements to name a few. It provides framework to physicians on how to counsel their patients around CAM, how to guide them in determining what CAM therapies might be beneficial and how their patients and families can go about choosing the right therapies and its providers. Specific education around opioid therapies, opioid stewardship, addiction and how to best manage patients with addiction issues in the context of pain. This is better than any education and training you would receive out there!

I'm ready to ELEVATE my pain expertise and treat my patients with confidence!

3+ Physicians


(Per Physician, Save $500* ) 

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Individual Physician


(Save $315 when paid in full) 

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Individual Physician


(6 Monthly Payments) 


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What our graduates are saying........


Dr. Dora Ngwang, MD


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