Anesthesiologists, Pediatric Anesthesiologists, Pediatricians and/or Pediatric Subspecialists - Emergency Medicine Physicians, Neurologists, Gastroenterologists, Rheumatologists, Hematologists/Oncologists, PM&R, Hospotalists, Pediatric Intensive Care Physicians, and/or ANY physician taking or wished to take care of children with any pain conditions. 


 We empower busy physicians to become skilled, confident and versatile clinicians when caring for children with simple or complex pain issues, while they remain productive in their current roles. Through our unique virtual evidence-based, comprehensive and integrative training paired with mentorship and coaching, we transform pediatric pain care, improving access, quality & expertise!


Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg A comprehensive, evidence-based integrative curriculum consisting of 12 modules with multiple (3-5) lessons per module

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg 2 bonus modules focused on physician wellness & resilience, AND building efficiency in workflow, teaching and teamwork along with leadership development

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg Worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists for each module

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  Weekly Live Q&A session

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  8 coaching and case discussion sessions

Graphic design, Green Checkbox s, angle, text png | PNGEgg  A private Facebook community of motivated and committed physicians who are part of the academy. Supported and managed by our team,  this community offers a platform for rich discussions, mutual encouragement and support 


YOU set your pace! You can start implementing what you learn right away, as you go through each module. Entre training can be completed is as little as 12weeks, but your access to live coaching and mentorship support last 6 months, while the Facebook community is forever!


  • Self study - 3-4 hours/week ( 30 minutes early/ late each day or 2 hours per weekend day)
  • Coaching calls - 8 calls, based on your convenience, recordings available. This is your ongoing live support
  • Community - This is also your ongoing support providing useful discussions, skills while you are connected with other colleagues. Your inbuilt support community!
  • Weekly Q&A - Ongoing LIVE coaching, Q&A and case discussions once a week.

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First and foremost, Dr. Kundu is an incredibly kind and compassionate pediatric pain physician.  This is critical, as too often patients with pain are not taken as seriously as they should be.  Dr. Kundu brings a comprehensive and holistic approach to her pain care strategies that looks at root causes (both physical and mental).  Her mentorship through the Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy helps guide physicians to have a more robust and satisfying impact on patient care with improved outcomes.  There is a lack of pain management education especially in pediatric pain care.  Dr. Kundu's programs for both physicians and parents fill that gap wonderfully.  In addition to providing amazing medical expertise, Dr. Kundu clearly empowers physicians and patients in the area of self-care.  Dr. Anjana Kundu is a one of a kind physician, and training with her as a physician or parent is an experience in learning not to be missed.

Dhanu Sant, MD

ThriveWell Pediatrics

Jacksonville, FL


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